Quality Policy.

Bross Textile adopts systematic and creative management approaches in compliance with the legal regulations of the country, the international standards, the regulations and the legislation and all the ethical rules regarding the matters of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and the responsibility areas and continuously improves them;

To achieve  defect-free workmanship, superior quality, relevant costs and high efficiency at all stages of production, to minimize the impact of work accidents and occupational diseases that may happen despite all the protective measures;

To follow the work performance by a chain responsibility with the principle that the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety will be developed with the participation of employees and to primarily promote the employees’ feeling of ownership, the thought of constant improvement in their activities, to make employees become successful individuals ready to take responsibility and who love their jobs, thus to ensure development and motivation through a continuous and a conscious training program needed;

To meet the customer needs in time  and in a desired manner as an organization that aims for constantly developing itself by relying on the principle of customer satisfaction, 

To be prepared for emergency situations by training its employees about the precautions to be taken in case of emergency, to minimize the consumption of natural resources such as electricity and water as much as possible by consciously using them, to head to environment friendly processes by following the changing technology, and to ensure continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System by following the targets set for effective use of our natural resources by reducing the environmental pollution within the framework of laws and expectations and by the participation of its employees; 

Not being satisfied with maintaining the current situation, it has adopted as a goal the continuous improvement by complying with all the requirements of Management Systems.